• Schuster was the first company to introduce POWER MINTS into the retail Icespledamarket in 1994 which created a new IRI category called “Breath Fresheners”. BLITZ POWER MINTS® rose to a ranking in the top 10 list of branded breath mints. As a further innovation, Splenda® was added which made it it’s first use in a confectionery product.
  • Blitz DOUBLE ACTION® breath mints are developed.  They offered a unique feature of a liquid center gel cap to combat internal causes of bad breath with a sugar free outer shell to provide double protection of mouth odors.
  • Blitz POWER GUM® was the next launch into the marketplace.Jerry Freshmint Gum
  • The first COMPRESSED CHEWING GUM was developed.  This becomes the first technically sound gum delivery method for active ingredients.
  • Blitz ENERGY GUM® was introduced to the market and was in a compressed gum format. Chewing gum delivers caffeine three times faster than drinking it because it is buccally absorbed. Capillaries in the mouth provide a direct route to the bloodstream and avoids the destructive enzymes in the digestive system.  Cold compression retainsEnergy Gum-Original-unit 100% of product’s potency versus the large loss of actives caused during the traditional heated gum extrusion process.Fun Factory Logo
  • Fun Factory and the FACE TWISTERS® brand are purchased.  SOUR BUBBLE GUM STRAWS were the first and only product of their kind when they were brought to market.  Unique sour candy and sour bubble gum items become part of the product assortment providing large consumer value.